Dasmesh 912 Tractor Driven Combine Harvester

DASMESH Tractor Driven Combine Harvesters (also Known As TDC Harvesters) Are Superior Harvesting Machines That ...

Product Highlights
  • No Grain Loss
  • No Grain Breakage
  • Crystal Headlights
  • Power Steering
  • Heavy Duty Gearbox
  • Safety Guard
  • Low Maintenance
Product Description

DASMESH Tractor Driven Combine Harvesters (also Known As TDC Harvesters) Are Superior Harvesting Machines That Are Enabled To Perform In Tough Geographical Conditions. DASMESH Combine Harvesters Are Known For Their Remarkable Combination Of Strength, Style, Performance And Efficiency, Regardless Of Terrain Or Crop Conditions. DASMESH Combine Harvesters Are The Culmination Of High Quality Raw Material, Latest Technological Manufacturing Process And In Depth Agricultural Knowledge Of Our Engineers And Great Leadership That Builds On The Strong Attributes Of Our Previous Models But Adds More Optimum Harvesting Performance, Technology, Comfort And Convenience To Take Our Current And Future Customers To A Level Not Offered On Any Other Combine Company.

Technical Specification
Specification Value
Chassis 1041 mm
Straw Walker 5 Nos
Cutting Mechanism
Cutting Bar Width 3657 mm(12 Feet)
Cutting Bar Height 55-1000 mm
Tractor Require Minimum 55 to75 HP (Only 4 Wheel Drive)
Front 16.9-30 12 PR
Rear 11.2x 24 8 PR
Trailer 6.50x20 12 PR
Overall Dimensions (Transportation)
Length 11100 mm
Width 2640 mm
Height 4115 mm (Without Canopy)
Clearance Weight 6035 Kg (Working Condition)
Minimum Ground 380 mm
Cutting Capacity Approx.
Paddy 1 Acre Approx.
Wheat 2 Acre Approx.

Note: As per our policy of continuous development, specifications and performance can be changed without any prior notice.

Product Features
  • Conveniently Attached 4 Wheel Drive For Stunning Performance In Wet Land.
  • Chain Type Drive Fitted With 4 Wheel Drive, Have High End Result Without Any Breakdown.
  • Special Operating Lever Provided To Engaged Or Disengaged 4 Wheel Drive System.
  • Guide Drum & Thresher Shaft Are Extra Heavy.
  • All Shaft Of Harvester Mfg. By. En-8 D Material Which Is Unbreakable.
  • Each Part Manufactured By CNC, HMC, VMC, TMC Machines.
  • For Sheet Metal Work Use Turret Punch Machine Therefore Quality Of Sheet Metal Is Higher Side.
  • Elevator, Feeder Box, Front Auger Mfg. By S.S (Steel Sheet) Which Is Increase The Life Of Part.
  • Outlook Finishing & Harvesting Performance Is Better Than Other Company.
  • All Operating Lever Is Right Hand Side For Comfort To Use.
  • Elevator Width Is Excess For Avoid Chocking.
  • All Pulley Are Folding For Easy To Dismantling.
Maintenance & Servicing Tips
Why Daily Maintenance?

DASMESH is known for building agricultural equipment that are easy to Service and Maintain and the DASMESH 966 lives up to that reputation. The simplicity and accessibility of DASMESH 966 Rotavator allows operators to quickly perform daily maintenance tasks and adjustments. Cap covered Oiling points are provided for lubrication of the DASMESH 966’s critical components and help reduce downtime.

Maintenance Before Harvesting Operation
Daily Servicing
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