Dasmesh 7100 Self Combine Harvester

DASMESH Combine Harvesters Are Superior Harvesting Machines That Are Enabled To Perform In Tough Geographical ...

Product Highlights
  • No Grain Loss
  • No Grain Breakage
  • Crystal Headlights
  • Power Steering
  • Heavy Duty Gearbox
  • Safety Guard
  • Low Maintenance
Product Description

DASMESH Combine Harvesters Are Superior Harvesting Machines That Are Enabled To Perform In Tough Geographical Conditions. DASMESH Combine Harvesters Are Known For Their Remarkable Combination Of Strength, Style, Performance And Efficiency, Regardless Of Terrain Or Crop Conditions. DASMESH Combine Harvesters Are The Culmination Of High Quality Raw Material, Latest Technological Manufacturing Process And In Depth Agricultural Knowledge Of Our Engineers And Great Leadership That Builds On The Strong Attributes Of Our Previous Models But Adds More Optimum Harvesting Performance, Technology, Comfort And Convenience To Take Our Current And Future Customers To A Level Not Offered On Any Other Combine Company.

Technical Specification
Specification Value
Chassis 41"(1041 mm)
Straw Walker 5 nos.(5 Step)
Cutting Mechanism
cutter bar width 12 feet (3657)
cutter hight 50-1250 mm
engine ashok leyland
model alht 4ctic3
engine power 101 h.p.@2200 rpm
no of cylinder four
air cleaner dry
cooling system water cooled
clute plate single heavy duty dry clutch
dia 310 mm (1312)
Threshing System
width(for wheat) 970 mm
diameter( for wheat ) 585 mm
width(paddy) 990 mm
diameter(paddy) 592
Range Of Speed
minimum 680
maximum 870
width(for wheat,paddy) 1025
Range Of Clearance (Wheat)
front 21.5 mm to 37.4mm
rear 12.5mm to 17.6mm
Range Of Clearance (Paddy)
front 11.8mm to 35.7 mm
rear 20.0mm to 21.5mm
Cleaning Sieves
top sieve effective area 1.61 m2
bottom sieve effective area 1.05 m2
front 16.9-28,12pr
rear 7.50.16,16pr
Grain Tank Capacity
paddy 14 qtl
wheat 16 qtl
diesel tank 270 liter
Overall Dimensions (Transportation)
lenght 11040 mm
width 2960 mm
height 3470 mm
weight 6992 kg.
Overall Dimensions (Working)
lenght 7690 mm
width 3657 mm
height 3470 mm
weight 6415 kg.
Cutting Capacity Approx.
wheat 3acre/hour
paddy 2arce/hour

Note: As per our policy of continuous development, specifications and performance can be changed without any prior notice.

Product Features
  • Pro Knife Type Cutter-bar Drive (gear Box Fitted For Drive Blade Assembly).
  • Attractive & New Ashok Leyland Engine.
  • Cutter-bar Dust Remover Blower.
  • Excellent Performance Of Hydraulic System.
  • Heavy Duty Gear,dise Brake System
  • Single Lever Gear, Disc Brake System
  • Huge Capacity Diesel Tank
  • Adjustable Front Ladder &seat.
  • Each Part Manufactured By CNC Machine
  • Canopy With Music System, Moble Charge $focus Lamp For More Visibility At Night.
Maintenance & Servicing Tips
Why Daily Maintenance?

DASMESH is known for building agricultural equipment that are easy to Service and Maintain and the DASMESH 966 lives up to that reputation. The simplicity and accessibility of DASMESH 966 Rotavator allows operators to quickly perform daily maintenance tasks and adjustments. Cap covered Oiling points are provided for lubrication of the DASMESH 966’s critical components and help reduce downtime.

Maintenance Before Harvesting Operation
Daily Servicing
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