Life on a Farm is a school of patience. You can't hurry the crops or make it in two days. Growing up with such valuable guidance from my family, I have seen and observed the farmers' life up close. And undoubtedly, farming is the most virtuous yet most demanding of all professions which looks mighty easy when your plow. It is through agriculture that our nation has progressed so much. The least we all can do for a farmer in return of his toil and hard work is to support him through innovative products and suggest ways to increase his productivity.

As a strong contender of Sustainable Agriculture Mechanization, I would like my team to focus on such products that are fuel efficient, economical, and environment-friendly and improves the efficiency of human time and labour without degrading quality of the soil or other factors of production. It makes me happy that everyone in our group shares this vision and is relentlessly trying to help our farmer-friends get an edge through Agro technology. We are also supporting many ventures and initiatives that are meant for spreading creative ways that farmers can use to increase yields and profits while decreasing input costs and fatigue.

Kudos to the agriculture. The most respectful of all cultures!


S. Amar Singh(CMD, DASMESH Group)
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