DASMESH 912 4x4

DASMESH 912 - Multi Crop 4x4 Tractor Driven Combine Harvester

Developed by our engineers the Dasmesh 912 4x4 has been design for the maximum performance in Indian fields. This machine not only fulfills the need of farmers in terms of grain quality and minimum losses, but also the needs of contractor community who want a reliable machine which can work in different field conditions allover the country.

Since the introduction of the DASMESH 912 4x4 Self Propelled Combine Harvester in 1985, DASMESH has built an utmost reputation for what is important to farmers when it comes to harvesting, such as capacity, fuel efficiency, grain quality, low grain loss, reduced compaction and in field service availability.

DASMESH 912 4x4 is a Self Propelled Multicrop Combine Harvester with Straw Walker Technology featuring 110 HP Ashok Leyland diesel engines that are noted for the extraordinary power and reduced fuel consumption, while also complying with today’s stringent emissions standards. The new DASMESH combine harvesters offer more cabin space than ever before, giving operators maximum freedom of movement as well as excellent visibility on all sides of the machine. This tough and beatiful machine is also avaiable with AC Cabin and Hydraulic Auger System (optional).


DASMESH is known for building agricultural equipment that are easy to Service and Maintain and the DASMESH 912 4x4 lives up to that reputation. The simplicity and accessibility of DASMESH 912 4x4 Combine Harvester allows operators to quickly perform daily maintenance tasks and adjustments. Side shields are easy to open access large areas to the DASMESH 912 4x4’s critical components and daily maintenance areas help reduce downtime. Belts and other wear components are changed in less time than it takes to service competitive units.